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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

Hi All -   I am looking to create a different style - would appreciate feedback -  am I going in a good direction?  Appreciate constructive suggestions.

Original "high colour" edit, typical of my existing style

Re-edit, looking to create something different

May 27 12 11:30 am Link


Motordrive Photography

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Lodi, California, US

my opinion is no, not a change for the better. the overcooked original
should be warmed up and tamed a bit, (legs need more help). the re-edit
is now more bland, but color is farther from ideal, not closer.

May 27 12 02:02 pm Link


Emilee Kay

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Cary, North Carolina, US

I like it.. personally.

Jul 08 12 04:51 am Link



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Billericay, England, United Kingdom

I prefer your first edit, the re-edit is too lacking in colour and I don't think it works for that particular photo because of the colouring of the model. The style of edit may work on other photos though, but In my opinion I don't think it works for that photo smile

Jul 08 12 08:18 am Link