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Brian Diaz

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- Price of item/service if it is FS
- A proper thread label (see below)

Thread labels
All threads must have one of the following labels at the beginning of the subject:
- FS (For Sale)
- WTB (Want To Buy)
- WTT (Want To Trade)
- WTR (Want To Rent)
- FREE (I think you can figure out what this means)

Use of Photos:
Any image used in conjunction with a product for sale must be of the actual product being sold, not a sample image of a similar or identical product, especially those obtained from other sources.  You must have permission from the copyright holder to use any image in conjunction with the sale of a product.

FS: Nikon D70
WTB: Canon Lenses
WTT: Camera Bodies

- You are using this forum at your own risk. takes no responsibility for ANY transactions that takes place here.  We do not have the time or manpower to investigate anything.  If something doesn't work out, it is your problem!
- No lowballing (posting a ridiculous offer that everyone KNOWS shouldn't be offered.)
- No flaming a thread starter about their prices.
- No responding with a post on where to get an item/service cheaper.
- No linking to other sites!  Informational links are OK with your description of the item, but do not just post an informational link by itself.
- No buying, selling, or trading of CD-Keys, beta software or anything illegal.
- Do not bump your thread more than 3 times!  And do not bump anyone else's thread.
- You can not sell an item for friends or family, you must own the item you are selling.
- No selling of ANY software.
- No ads for photography-related or modeling-related specials
-No more then three active threads at a time (active being on the first two pages).
-No more then 10 items in a thread.

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