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The skins looks strange I would start over use your favorite dodge and burn method and do as much as you can then some cloning and healing for those thing you couldn't fix with the d&b which would be something really dark or white.  Maybe afterwards mess around with lighting and finally color. It going to take some time for it all to come together just be patient and work it's actually a lot of fun.

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Brick Wilson

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Hair's too dark, skin's too light. Skin is blurry, hair is sharp. Your image needs to be consistent in all areas. I'd also touch up the area around her lower lip.

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As you can probably see as well, the skin is very smooth, almost porcelain like and the rest of the image is fairly sharp, especially the powery make-up on her cheek.
There are many things you can do to restore texture to the image but she probably had some there to begin with so you might want to start her skin over again and just take it a lot easier on the cloning or whatever method you used to get her skin that soft.

You Can add noise to the skin, but on such a close up image its not going to look as authentic as it would on say, a glamor full body image.
So what I would suggest, and this is rather complicated, is using frequency separation to separate the colors from the details of your image. Then I would find a reference picture with nice realistic skin texture and do the same to it. Then... I would literally grab the skin texture from the other image and plop it onto yours and softly erase the edges so it blends. And're girl will have skin texture -- albeit not her own, but that doesn't really matter. If you don't know how to do frequency separation, you can google it, theres a TON of tutorials. Its REALLY helpful.

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ChelleyCredible Retouch

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Hair is too light in the front and too dark in the back. I feel like there's a loss of detail on the darkened part. Loss of skin texture. Too smooth. Compared to the makeup that is sharp and crisp. Looks a bit flat. Maybe some more highlighting and contrasting. Fix the lip makeup. Towards the top of the lip it seems faded in color.

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