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RL Post Production

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San Antonio, Texas, US

I did this shoot with a reflector for the first time and I was just wondering what you guys think I need to work on or what are some things that could help? Thanks!![/url]
M2 by robbylozano11, on Flickr

[url=[email protected]/7399816238/]
[url=[email protected]/7399815096/]
[url=[email protected]/7399812716/]

Jun 19 12 12:15 am Link


Paul Snyder

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Hmm. Well your post seems a bit vague.

Considering that these are pretty standard outdoor portrait shots, I wouldn't recommend you do too much to them.

Jun 19 12 07:36 pm Link


Brick Wilson

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Palatine, Illinois, US

The first step is to lower your exposure to avoid the blown highlights on the model and background.

Jun 22 12 11:52 am Link


REVIVE retouch

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Margate, England, United Kingdom

i like them ,nice shots

Jun 22 12 11:53 am Link



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Giant.. dark blotchy spot on her chest and neck. Must... be... color corrected X.X

Jul 25 12 01:12 pm Link