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David Hirsh

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This is a list of the folks who moderate the forum-based contests.

Note: The Dark Image of the Day and the Concept Shot of the Day are posted as a new, separate thread on a daily basis. The links provided below are of a single day only, for reference. Please refer to the first page of the Contests Forum to find the latest installment.

The complete rules can be found on the first page of each contest. Links to each contest (and the hosts) are provided below. If you still need help, you may contact the hosts to ask questions regarding their respective contests, however, if your question(s) may be better dealt with by contacting a site moderator, you should use this link.

Pic of the Day (Original Edition): David Hirsh

Concept Shot of the Day: Blue Ash Film Group

Dark Image of the Day: Journey2Darkness

Animal Pic of the Day: Peter Schroeder

Photographer of the Week: Craig Seay · SJH photography · xandx

Model of the Week: Craig Seay · SJH photography · xandx

MUA of the Week: Craig Seay · SJH photography · xandx

Digital Artist of the Week: Craig Seay · xandx · Ken Edgar

Newbie Model of the Week: Tom DeL

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SJH photography

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