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George Ruge wrote:
How else would you pay?? I wouldn't trust anyone's check these days, nor am I handin over my credit card, so cash works for me!

Hypothetically, you book a wedding and are charging thousands of dollars for your expect to be paid in cash?

Hypothetically, you book a corporate shoot and are charging thousands of dollars for your expect to be paid in cash?

Good luck with that.

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Cindy Nguyen MUA

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Credit Card using Square credit card swipe and Square app for smartphones.

All these form of payment can be accepted when your mobile. But if you do not want to accept some forms of payment, just advice your client of total costs and your accepted form of payment and you will be fine.

Hope this helps! smile

Cindy Nguyen MUA

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Rudy van den Berg

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I live in Spain and tax evasion is a national sport here but I have always been asked to send a bill with my account info. The times that cash payment was asked for was when the client didnt want to pay taxes. They were smaller companies or had just started.
The more established clients demand you bill them and find it very unprofessional asking for cash.
On commmercial shoots we tend to work several days and getting paid in cash at the end is just not practical.

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I have just started using a mobile card terminal that acepts MasterCard visa and American Express and it's a god send!

As before I have having to asking clients for cash or BACS transactions and I didn't like having loads of cash on me for safety reasons.

I also find it's More professional asking to be paid by card

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Renato Alberto

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MADE NYC wrote:

Hypothetically, you book a wedding and are charging thousands of dollars for your expect to be paid in cash?

Hypothetically, you book a corporate shoot and are charging thousands of dollars for your expect to be paid in cash?

Good luck with that.


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Shot By Adam wrote:

This is EXACTLY why I will almost never use PayPal unless it's the only way a client is willing to pay. PayPal is the antichrist. I had a client once file a bogus chargeback  on me and PayPal did NOTHING to support me on it. It was about two years ago and I shot three days of a trade show for them including a photo booth with a green screen, printed photos on scene, the whole works. I even had a second photographer for one of the days and a part-time assistant helping out. It was a several thousand dollar gig. One request they gave me was that I deliver all the images to them via digital download within 72 hours of the shoot.

Within 48 hours of the last photo being taken, I uploaded all of the images to my server and sent the link to an email address they provided. It turns out that the email address had a typo in it so when I sent it, it went to their general mailbox of their secretary who was on vacation. I never got a phone call or an email asking where the photos were until a week later when one of the people from the company called me screaming that they never got their photos. I told him that I sent them and gave him the email address that THEY gave me (even forwarded them their own email) and he still blamed it on me. Two weeks later, I get the notice from PayPal that they filed for a complete chargeback. I sent PayPal copies of the contract, copies of all of the emails exchanged including the one with the wrong email address, the whole works. PayPal then ruled against me and withdrew the money from my checking account without telling me. What a bunch of assholes. Every penny those people scumbags make off of me I spit on.

I assume that you notified the client that since they had withdrawn their payment, that you were withdrawing their copyright license and that would extend to any of their clients in possession of any of the photos.

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Aaliyah I wrote:
I just had a designer say to me that to ask to be paid in cash after my services have been rendered is "offensive, unnecessary and unprofessional."

I get regular paid work and I have on my invoice that payment needs to be given in full after my services have been rendered and no one has had a problem with this...until now of course.

I have had enough people not hand back images ,  thoughtless of payment - if I haven't worked with someone before then I want to be paid once the shoot is over. Surely that is understandable ?

If I am working for a company then fine let's do bank transfers but for private clients then I want the money there and then - then we're all happy. smile

For those getting regular paid work what is your payment method ?

I pay when i get paid. For editorial that is 30-120 days

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Agree 100%. I always make sure they are aware they have to pay me at the end.

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When I deal with commercial clients I invoice and am paid by check usually in 30 to 90 days....   This is just normal business practice in the commercial industry... I can't imagine any of these clients paying you day of..... these checks go through payroll.

When I do venture away and work with a civilian (bride, special occasion, etc)  it's payment via check or credit card 2 weeks before I show up... I don't show up on the hopes the client will.   To be honest with you all, I just don't love this job that much. I don't ever want to haul my stuff anywhere and be stood up...that's just not going to happen in my business life (time is to precious to me)... I plan ahead for every scenario where I might lose. I don't like to lose and so I make sure that possibility is zero. 

Collecting on the day of a job makes no sense to me.... What if they don't pay you?  you've already packed your car, taken it to the location etc... you've done half the work and may never get a dime.  I don't get this at all

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