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Hey All!! . Ive just  developed my own website and would love  your opinion

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Couple thoughts...

1. If you absolutely must use Wix, pay for the upgrade so that no one can TELL you're using Wix - it screams "free/cheap." You want a simple domain (, or similar), not a lengthy convoluted one that advertises the web service.

2. Choose a less "busy" layout. I didn't like the torn edges or the animated wavy text; it gave me a very dated impression. You want a clean showcase for your work, not something that distracts from it.

3. Put your very best photo of your work up front. Let the first impression you make be about your hairstyling.

4. Lose the guestbook - save the supportive family & friends comments for social media spaces like Facebook or the comment field in your blog. Instead, add a page of client testimonials - these have a lot of impact for prospective clients!

5. Ultimately, you'll want a website that can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. Has Wix added this as an option? A straight-up Flash page won't be viewable on an iPhone/iPad (but it's been awhile since I tried viewing Wix pages on my phone).

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Dani Jaye

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It's not viewable from my IPad.  Unfortunately, anyone using an IPhone or IPad will never see your site.  I use only my iPad 98% of the time.  It's just more comfortable and fun to use a tablet/smartphone than the others.  VistaPrint makes sites very easy to build (easier than Wix) and is super cheap ($5) or free and is non flash so everyone will see your site.

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I agree with everything thats been said.  I hate wix... the first thing I did was go to the start button assuming it was your portfolio and it took me to a site advertising wix.... no thank you

too busy, I would make a clean site...leave the frills off....

if it can't be viewed on phones and I pads it's useless... that's what most people are using now.

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I agree with all the points made above.

Some extra pointers:
~ You are using capitals Where there shouldn't be Capitals.
~ You also have double  spacing between some words. The whole 'About Me' spiel needs tidying up re spacing ,capitals and placement of commas (see example provided).
~ The font type also changes from page and page; using the same font throughout creates uniformity and consistency.
~ The wriggling font is really irritating. Sorry!
~ It would also be a good idea to put your prices on your site. People may very well pass you up simply because not all of the information is there and they don't want to have to message and wait for an answer. If you need to quote for travel expenses, no problem but the prices for the basic services, ideally, should be provided.

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I don't think it's all that bad at all. I've seen worse and I teach this at the University level. I would not have even noticed some of these critics comments and still can't find all the issues identified, Maybe you fixed it good luck it looks fine to me!

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Chey Malcolm

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Can I give you some advice? I have gone through the same with websites over doing them a million times (hopefully I've finally got it right lol)

-With Wix they have other options to do HTML5 sites definitely redo in that format as I found I had to do the same as most creatives use Ipad/Imac and flash cant be seen on those devices.

-Strip the colour scheme right back and make sure that all menus/buttons/text is the same for labels and paragraphs. Titles and headings can be different but they must be uniform on each page.

-The scroll graphics etc are fine but its best not to have animated text  and if you can, widen the viewing space for your information/pics. I would also get rid of the red cushion background so it all flows better

-And definitely upgrade with Wix because your favicon/site heading everything will be wix related which you don't want!

I hope this was helpful and it'll be time consuming but website can really either boost or break the first impression of your business. Best foot forward smile

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