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Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom

Positive or negative comments please, all opinions welcome … 4#27421084

Sep 04 12 01:40 pm Link


John Horwitz

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Raleigh, North Carolina, US

diagonal line & gravity defying boobs are distracting

Sep 04 12 01:45 pm Link


Lovely Retouching

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Color is off? Is that wall supposed to be white?

Sep 04 12 01:52 pm Link


The Gross Bite

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Well, she looks kinda dead...

Most 'glam' shots have the model 'connecting' with the viewer by looking into the camera. She ain't... She's staring off into space = no 'connection'.

and the closed lips look a bit tight like she ain't having fun...

Just my opinion

Sep 04 12 03:35 pm Link