Rebecca Christine

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Chester, England, United Kingdom

I really liked this image.. but it was kind of 'eh' when I looked at it again today.
So I re-edited it. Now I know it's not amazing because I had to re-edit a facebook quality image due to my old laptop being screwed. I can't access my old photos.

But anyway, what do you guys think?
I prefer the sand and colours in the new one


I think maybe her stomach and leg blend in a bit too much into the background, I may darken that.

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Innovative Imagery

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Too much softening on the sand and the front leg.  Just do a little on the first one to smooth the skin only to even out the tones.

Lighten the shadow on her tummy.  It is a distracting dark hole.

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Rīga, Rīga, Latvia

I don't like the new one.. especially sand.. in my opinion way too much overdone.. it looks like solid brown area with no texture.. too much blur

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ChelleyCredible Retouch

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The sand color in the second one is nice but it makes it look so flat. You can change the color of the sand without losing the detail. The stomach and leg do blend into the background. You want her to stand out, not blend in. Honestly, the original seems better to me. If you would retouch her right thigh it would of been perfect! As others have said...there is a lot of loss of texture, too much softness/blur. Should of kept those shadows like the original because it shows the curvature of her body. In the 2nd one you seemed to have softened it out.

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Mimi Designs

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I agree I like the first edit more because you loose some of the texture of the sand and she blends too much...This would be my version:

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Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

Sky cloud visual perspective line, the line between the sand and the sky. Your use of the black position levels? Recommended that when you use levels. Press and hold down the ALT key!

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pixel dimension ilusion

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the sand is better in the 2nd but lost lot of detail , the sky is better in 1ts and the model also but the tone of model is  is better in 2nd

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Angela Perez

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i like the old one much better detail the new one is too bright and you loose all the detail and quality of the image.

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Paul Snyder

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The entire image has been stripped of all it's texture.

You might want to try learning some more advanced techniques.  There are many resources out there.  I'm sorry to say this just doesn't look professional.

Oct 21 12 10:37 pm Link