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SD Makeup Artisty

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I'm doing a makeup for Comic Con NY and it's supposed to be the Iceman from Xmen.  The person who's hiring me wants me to have his face/arms in ice form.  I am ordering the Ice FX kit, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks or suggestions on how to achieve this look.
I don't know how to do a prosthetic or anything like that, but the closer I can get to ice hands, the better. (: Thanks!

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Heather J M

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I'd skip the Ice FX entirely and do this as a full (well half) body paint. Iceman is made of solid ice, he isn't frozen.

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Danielle Blazer

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If this is just a guy wandering around ComiCon as an attendee who wants to look cool, Ice FX isn't going to be a good option. It's awesome stuff, but not made for that. If he wants paint to last all day and not spread bacteria, tell him to get some plastic gloves like doctors use to put on while using the restroom and eating so the paint job doesn't get ruined, he won't be able to wash his hands. Working some of the iridescent type paints in to give more of that frozen depth and dimension might be cool.

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Lisa Berczel

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Ditto much of the above.

You can build prosthetic "arm gauntlets" that can provide additional depth that can be blended into a body paint.

For a little texture, consider a product like edible glitter - inexpensive, easy to apply, and photographs GREAT.

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