MSL Retouch

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Attempt at something a little different than I usually do..

hi res here: … w=aa412eeb


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MSL Retouch

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No one?

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Motordrive Photography

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I like the image and the look and feel you've went with for this.

for me, some things are too sharp (parts of hair) and some too soft (eyes)
it looks like skin tone end a little abruptly and doesn't transition into hairline

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Ryan Bater - Retoucher

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Everything is a little too fake IMO.

It looks like digital art, rather than a photograph.

If that's what you were trying to achieve, then well done.

But, I don't find it flattering personally.

You have lost all the skin texture, and details. The lighting looks very flat too.

I would perhaps re-work this one. Very intrigued to see the before in private.


Ryan Bater

Oct 03 12 02:45 am Link

Digital Artist

Arte Imaginarium

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I think if you're going to do illustrative retouching you have to be consistent throughout the entire image - you've stopped at the face and haven't continued that painted look (if thats what you were gunning for) with the hair.

It makes it look unbalanced because you have that, part painted/part photo look going on - you really need to have that one look going throughout.


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