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I'm posting this in here because I'm looking for some critiquing specifically on the photoshop work. (eg.. the photo might suck, but it's more about the photoshop itself)

I had to reconstruct the frames where the hands were covering
and I had to reconstruct some of the breast where the fingers were covering all without using another photo to pull from. (the left side of the image)

Let me know what you think. smile

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Arte Imaginarium

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PS work is good but for the sake of consistency I would have added the pole in the empty frames on the right or added something in them to finish off the look smile

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PWF Retouch

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I think its a cool idea. It's clean and put together very well.

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Warren Leimbach

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I am certainly no expert at post work but FWIW,

Grey spots (leftover from erasing her hips?) in middle frame.

Color fringing especially noticeable around her hair.

Are the frames across her body supposed to be solid?  Then seeing her thumbs wrap around and the 'reverse side' of the frame is inconsistent?  Maybe the post should appear in the right side frames to reveal her inner post-iness?

Not sure why the post leans left then right.

Overall very intriguing image.

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Erase the thumbs and the pole and pictures don't really gel with the angle for me.
Good start though.

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