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Val Neri

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I like big hair, so i tease it sometimes. But i find after applying the hairspray my hair becomes very dry. and becomes hard to style. What a good hairspray that holds and gives me big hair but also doesnt make my hair dry??

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Hair Stylist

rick lesser

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Love Matrix hairspray.  I keep going back to them.  Most all of their brands seem to work well for styling and restyling.  Make sure it says flexible hold.  R-

Oct 03 12 09:33 am Link

Hair Stylist


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Brooklyn, New York, US

Elnett is the go-to workable spray for many many stylists. It's not drying and it brushes out easily. Another good one is Sebastian Reshaper Zero Gravity. Basically the same workability but with a different scent.

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