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The WJ Image

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Orlando, Florida, US

I have been shooting for a while now and I am still shooting a lot of TFP. First can I get some feed back on my work...good bad and ugly is welcome. Second would you say my work warrants me limiting my TFP and increasing my paid work.

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al-Marsā, Tunis, Tunisia

I see some strong elements in your work.

However, it's kind of all over the place, and I don't see a consistent look or even a consistent level of quality.

I can't tell from your profile/portfolio who you are, what you bring to the table or why I should shoot with you if I was a model (let alone pay you).

Personally, I'd narrow it down to the best 5 images, pay 5 more top models from your area, and exhibit nothing but strengths in your portfolio.

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which one of these do you think is good, and which one is bad?

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Loose the logo
One of your better images
Model too centered in photograph
Solid green grass not dirt for the background
Move away from the wall
Do not cut off the finger tips

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