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Tacoma, Washington, US

I am trying to raise money to get my kitten's ambilical hurnia fixed so I am having a sale on synthetic dreadlocks for the month of October only.

I have been makeing all sorts of head dresses, hair and extentions for the last 10 years. I steam my dreads with all three meathods for every set so be sure that they are well done. i can make them nattier and less steamed as well if you'de like a more natural look. I have also been growing my own natural dreads for 2 years.

Please message me on what you are looking for and I'll message you back with the best price I can give you with my October sale.

You can go to my etsy to see some of my work to get ideas, or my deviantart. syrenfire on etsy, search under shops, or I will post pictures tomarrow on here too.

thank you

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