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Krystal Kosiancic

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Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Dear Krystal,

We've seen your port... and we love it! For your consideration, ModelMovie has a casting call!

We are putting together a documentary movie for, about, and starring models. This is also local to you, so no travel is required.

For each model we are able to use in our project, the pay is $1,000.00.

There is no nudity, weird stuff, or anything like that involved. Our finished production will be showcasing the stories of models (and photographers) in the modeling world. You do not need to be an experienced model, as we want to capture the point of view from models of all experience levels.

Please go to our project website for more info on this!

Once there, click on casting - then go from there.

Model Movie Production Staff

Email: [email protected]

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Mark Salo

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Olney, Maryland, US

Krystal Kosiancic wrote:
Dear Krystal,
. . .

This is also local to you, so no travel is required.

For each model we are able to use in our project, the pay is $1,000.00.

Well, they did address you by name but "This is also local to you, so no travel is required" is a red flag and $1,000 is really a lot of money!

If this came to you via MM message you should CAM it.  And whatever you do, if they send a check to you, DO NOT forward any money to a third party.

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Los Angeles, California, US

It asks you to log in, but their log in page is "coming soon"  I also noticed that it said if you register, you will be sent "casting calls" etc to your e-mail...sounds like you won't be getting $1000...its just another site who claims they can get you work...I also noticed on the bottom it said
"Go to our sub-site I Date A Model"...

you are 17...they should not be soliciting you in any way...

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Krystal Kosiancic

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Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

They sent this to me via email.

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Paolo Diavolo

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Martinez, California, US

in short:
yes, theyre trying to take advantage of you.
don't waste your time.

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Flex Photography

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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Krystal Kosiancic wrote:
They sent this to me via email.

Where ever you have your email displayed online, remove it! Don't trust random unsolicited emails. Don't reply! That will only draw dozens more scams.
If your email address contains your name in it, change it to one that does not!

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

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Chicago, Illinois, US

If it seems to good to be true, it is.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

Though it's not the typical 411 scam, complete with atrocious grammar, it is a ploy to part you with your money.

They set the hook with the promise of a pay day to get you interested. Then, invariably, you will have to "invest" something in something. The variables change but the end result doesn't...

Model never receives payday and has spent a great deal of money to discover there is nothing there. Sometimes it's not even an amount that great. It's probably a lot easier to get $100 out of 100 models than it is to get $1,000 out of 10 models.

Either legit company is paying $1,000 to an inexperienced model, sight unseen. Pass.

I do applaud them for taking the time to put together a coherent email though.

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New York, New York, US

I actually had this problem and like an idiot gave all my info.. Still have the $3000 check wasnt stupid enough to deposit it though.

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Tracy, California, US

i received the same exact message to my email, thats why i quickly took it off my page
i went to youtube and saw that the video was posted about ten months ago, i replied back asking them questions about their name and why they were so interested in a "movie" about models, after i asked them their model mayhem page, they deleted me and blocked me from ever mailing them back.
i am an aspiring model and have not yet been scammed. i like to do my research before i ever do a shoot and im always accompanied by someone and if they reject my requests then its okay because there will always be another shoot somewhere else

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