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Mz Muse

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Los Angeles, California, US

I am aware that it isn't what you know it's WHO you know, and although i've met a few photographers in my area it has still been difficult to network (which is my weakness). So how do i get my name out there? Any suggestions?

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Keep doing what you're doing. Work with local photographers, then branch out. Perhaps if you do a little traveling, set aside a day to work with photographers in the area you're traveling to.

Forums help networking also, automatically by posting your port is potentially seeing activity it wouldn't have otherwise.

Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc are great ways, also. Easy to open accounts, and allow you more space than your MM port offers if you're just signed up for a free membership.

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DMesser Photography

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Oceanside, California, US

Browse, post a casting call and read casting calls.  Also, network at least once a day so you can answer promptly.

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Flex Photography

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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Remove your email from your profile! It is visible to every scammer in the world!!
You do not want to network with them!! Do not trust random unsolicited emails!
Do not reply to them!

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Lee Nutter

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People are so antsy about putting their email on their profile, but I've sat with stylists who trawled through MM and only contacting models WITH email addresses listed.

It is possible you might get a few dodgy emails, but if you're switched on you'll easily sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

As far as networking goes, I'm looking forward to a trip up the coast this summer smile

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