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Desiree Sereda

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Cleveland, Ohio, US

Just wanted to share with everyone what I'm using that is helping me to get "photoshoot" ready again.

I had a baby a year ago now and gained quite a bit of weight and working on getting everything back to where it needs to be smile

What I found was something that tones, firms, and tightens with results in as little as 45 minutes (yeah i know, sounds like b.s.!)
My big issues are stretch marks (not attractive) and firming up the skin and once i used this once and saw results in 45 minutes i was hooked!

It's worth checking it out (in a month i'll be ready and back in shape again!)

It would be a great thing to use before a photoshoot to make sure your clothes fit correctly and everything hangs the way that it should.

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Karl Blessing

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

Pretty sure this counts as spam.

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