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I wanted to post, I am new to all of this but I make sure that I follow the law and compliance is a big gotcha if you don't do it.

I was really not sure if the 2257 issue was a really big deal because you never really hear of anyone being requested to provide 2257 information, well I was contacted a couple weeks ago by the attorney general's office to do just that, someone files a complaint but I was able to direct them to my 3rd party custodian, I am right now building 2 websites and have not yet posted that info online, so the AG did not know that I do my 2257 information...

My 3rd party custodian is Vault2257, the attorney responded to the request and took care of everything for me, needless to say I was freaking out but they had my back...

I have read a lot of the forums on the net like avn, gfy, ynot and modelmayhem forums about people talking like they are authorities on the subject of 2257 and I started out listening to them but quickly found out that they were wrong in their thinking so I let the professionals do it for me, it doesn't matter if you use the service I am with or someone else, but use a service it will save you time, stress and sleepless nights...

For any of the photographers out there looking for 3rd party with 2257 representation, I do recommend Vault2257 services...


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THis is thinly veiled spam.

But a good reminder.

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Good Egg Productions wrote:
This is thinly veiled spam.

my sentiments exactly

HBNMedia wrote:

user just signed up, has no websites but was subject to a 2257 complaint?

Domain Name: VAULT2257.COM


   Domain servers in listed order:

in before the lock.

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