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I need advice. I'm VERY new to modeling. Any constructive criticism is welcome!

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well, for starters welcome, and only one thread in the critique forum is sufficient to get response if you are looking for feedback.

Aside from that, the biggest thing right now will be to gain experience shooting for you. I would suggest to air more on the side of commercial with your look and stats and to look for shoots that will put you in full hair and makeup vs. snap shots. Also, work with your angles and perspective when shooting. The photos that you have in your port are shot from above, direct on..etc. which make you look shorter than you already are at 5'4. Shoot with photographers that will shoot up to make you appear taller.

Last but not least, this is a great resource to get started with: Good luck!

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My advice to new models.

Be absolutely BRUTAL in selecting images for your portfolio. Just because you 'like' an image is no reason to post it. Look at an image from all aspects, and if it falls short... don't post it. Your portfolio should show you at your best, not the photographer's persuasiveness, ingenuity, or technical skills. Photographers have their own portfolios, why waste your image slots promoting them.

Questions to ask yourself... Is the image about me or something else? I see a lot of images where models are posing in front of graffiti filled walls or fancy cars. Do you really want to compete for attention with a wall full of graffiti or a fancy car? If YOU are not the main thing in the image, pass on it.

Does the image show me at my best? Is your makeup sloppy or your hair messy? Pass on it.

Is it an image that shows what I want to do as a model? Photographers will try to talk you into posing for images they think will get their portfolios views. That frequently means nudity, fetish, bondage, etc. If you aren't happy doing that sort of work... don't post it in your portfolio. Once an image is on the internet, it's likely to be there a looong time, even if you delete it from your portfolio. It'll hang around in lists, etc.

Your portfolio is your 'advertisement' for your services. Keep it professional and high quality, and you'll get work with folks who do quality work.

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You have a nice look, but many of your photos are not showcasing you as a model
Pose, do not point toes inward
Move hair behind models left shoulder to open up neck

Great look

Wish you success!

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