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Vivid Art

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Miami Beach, Florida, US

I'm just starting to shoot photography,  Any suggestions for my profile or pics I have posted would be greatly appreciated.

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Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

For starters, stop using that obnoxious watermark/stamp.

Snapshots with horrible composition:
That second one, the model is not only chopped off, she's totally out of focus.

Ambient light won't cut it in this setting. You need to light the model with a flash.

Most of the series with Aneta is an improvement over your other work, but the lighting is still flat. You're using an on-camera flash or on-camera speedlight in this and others?
She's terribly out of focus.

You need to work a lot on composition and lighting. Be judicious in your use of ambient light. And when you do use flash, avoid making it flat. And kill that big-ass watermark/stamp.

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Distracting logo, loose it as soon as possible
Make sure the eyes are in focus

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

It's hard to get past that horrid logo stamped on everything.  To add to want was already said, you mentioned you wanted to shoot fashion?  So where is it?

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Oscar Partida

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Palm Springs, California, US

1.- Get rid of the logo
2.- Fashion isn't showing boobies for no reason
3.- Avoid obvious things,you are supposed to make clothes and people look beautiful,she looks sluty and one model's stomach looks bloated

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Vivid Art

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Miami Beach, Florida, US

Thanks for the feedback everyone, i'll work on it.

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Aaliyah Love

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Los Angeles, California, US

ugh can't get over that horrible watermark..and right in the center of the pics! It's like you drew bad graffitti over your models.
Also the name Vivid is already taken, and if you plan on getting big someday you might run into problems. It was my 1st thought when I saw the name anyways..
Only choose pics where the models look their best. Hunched over or looking bored w stomach sticking out is NEVER a good look, nor does it show that the model or photographer know what they're doing.
The Corona girl pic I don't like because the girl's head is chopped. Not good composition.

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David Kirk

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I don't see anything in your portfolio that resembles fashion photography.

Check out some fashion magazines and compare those images to yours to see why yours would not be considered fashion.

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Jeffrey M Fletcher

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Asheville, North Carolina, US

Seems more like nascent glamour than fashion. There seems to be some erotic interest expressed in the images. Is it possible you want to develop more in that direction?

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

off topic:

try © Vivid Art

not Vivid Art (C)

I'd say work focusing on the models eyes (i'm still Working on that myself)
And i felt as if most of the pictures were out of focus in general.

Also look into lighting with speed lights or light kits

Best of luck!

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