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Double-K Photos

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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is the latest photo in my portfolio. Please let me know what you think of it. Both positive and negative feedback appreciated.


Oct 08 12 03:38 pm Link



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Level the horizon
Move the model away from the net
Models face looks out of focus
The photo is more about the beach then the model

Oct 08 12 05:23 pm Link


The Gross Bite

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Not a keeper...

The exposure is for the beach, not the model.

The model has broad hips. There are ways to minimize that, the simplest being to have her turn her body roughly 45 degrees. But you didn't.

And there is a LOT of space around her. If the image is about the model, fill the frame with her... not beach.

Just my opinion.

Oct 08 12 06:06 pm Link