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Will Gooden

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hello model mayhem's

Im a male model, age 21 located in the San Francisco area. I was thinking of doing a group shoot. 2 makes and 2 females. What are some themes and ideas, i been looking around the internet for ideas but i haven't had any luck finding anything.

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Jacob Davis

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Looknsee Photography

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Portland, Oregon, US

I'm old fashioned enough to think that themes usually come from photographers.

In any case, I'm partial to action or activity shots.  You guys (the models) can be doing a tug of war, or you can be working together building a wall, or washing a car, or anything that keeps all your hands occupied.

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Svetlana Muerte

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Austin, Texas, US

Depends on what kind of costuming people have and budget to get new items. And depends on the photographer's style and ability in certain genres.

If you are going to do 2 couples, a commercial-looking shoot of y'all hanging out downtown (or wherever you kids have fun these days) dancing/laughing/living it up would be an idea.

Wardrobe would be easy, because surely everyone has 'going out on the town' clothes.

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