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Joe Toth Photography

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Ely, England, United Kingdom

I am reluctantly selling my mint condition X100 in silver. I bought this on Ebay earlier this year as a "carry round" camera, but have found that I've barely used it. I've probably taken less than 100 shots on it since buying it, and the original owner had also very little useage.

It's absolutely pristine, not a mark on it, works perfectly and comes with all the original accessories. It's boxed and has the cd with software and manual, charger and leads. Since buying it, I have also added several additional items, which include:

Lensmate LM X100 silver thumbrest+
JJC LH-JX100 lens hood
B&W digital F-PRO 49mm UV filter
Footprint wrist strap, black leather
GGS glass rear screen protective cover
Two additional Energiser batteries
Lowepro Rezo 60 belt pouch, black

If you're looking at this camera then you know just what an amazing piece of kit it is, amazing professional quality and functionality all in the coolest looking design. The electronic viewfinder is a great innovation and there are just so many great little details, like a built in nd filter and the ability to shoot raw as well as jpeg etc.

I am looking for £575 or nearest offer. Need to sell due to a family emergency

Oct 09 12 02:47 pm Link