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Scott Davey

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London, England, United Kingdom

Ballet dancer or dancers.

I am a professional photographer in the business for many years and looking to add a new side to my fashion portfolio.

Two years ago I was runner up in the Hasselblad masters competition for fashion photographers world wide, It is the leading competition in the world for this area.
This would just be a test for me to use in my book but if anybody from the school is willing to do this, they would get a copy of the finished images.

Please take a look at my portfolio this is a new website so I do need to put more images on but I'm sure you can see the way I work.
I also Have put together a mood board of ballet shoots on Pinterest that have influenced me, you can see my ideas I have here.
The look I would be trying to achieve is about motion, I very much like the idea of the use of dust/powder in the shoot examples are here.

This is in no way to make any financial gain, it is just for my portfolio to achieve something outstanding in imagery.
I have emailed some schools in the UK without response so it would be nice to get some help on this.

Regards Scott Davey

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