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I have no idea...

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We usually pay about 50 - 100 bucks/week, but we have no kids and grow a lot of our produce.  The only thing we buy for veggies from the store are carrots, celery and when we'll run out of our home grown, potatoes.  We eat Kale instead of lettuce and that can even be harvested in winter.

With the prices today, we hardly buy anything that isn't on sale anymore.  Recently we bought a slab of KC strip steaks for 3.99/lb figuring "why not?  Burger is 3.89/lb. We always buy our pork tenderloin in strips and cut our own.  To pay an extra ten cents per pound more to have a butcher cut it first is just not in our book.  The same goes for all meats- chicken, beef, whatever.  We also butcher our own deer which cuts down the need for more beef.

We won't pay the price of tomatoes or peppers especially - ungodly prices!  Our excess produce is either canned or frozen and lasts until the next harvest or longer.

Convenience food is something we hardly ever buy due to cost, same with boxed food such as cake, biscuits, TV dinners.  All are made at home.  Wonder bread is a treat for me because my wife bakes bread, rolls, etc once a week.  She's on a baguette kick now.

When we observe many other people going through check-outs we're somewhat amazed by all the "prepared" foods people pay a premium price for and chances are, it's more unhealthy and less nutritious than what we eat.  We eat pretty well actually.

The aisles that we find costs us the most are the cleaning section and papers aisle.  I guess because of this, a couple of years ago I began making our laundry soap, fabric softener and dishwasher soap at home.

There are a ton of options you can do to cut prices.

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Jay Dezelic

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We spend about 20% more than last year.  I run a local farmers market and really noticed a big price jump this year.

It's not really a price jump.  Rather, it's the effect of a rapidly deflating dollar.  40 billion per month is currently being issued from the fed under qe3 to cover the government's lavish expenses.

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Sophia Be wrote:

I spend a ton on shampoo and conditioner (even with my licensed discounts), everyone in my house has long hair. James has the most hair of all of us, ha ha.

You should write a book about it.


I wash my hair with Lush solid shampoo and conditioner. One bar is $10 (shampoo) and $7 (conditioner), and lasts 60-80 uses. It's super awesome, for reals.

I didn't include toiletries either.

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I spend an average of 40 dollars a week for just me so around 160/month. I don't splurge too much though.

In grad school I had it down to half that, easy.

But my S/O (we buy groceries separately because there's so little crossover in what we eat) spends at least twice as much as me at 70-80 dollars/ week average.

I guess that means as a household we're at about 100-110/week O.O. Which seems insane to me, really. For two people.

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Angela Perez wrote:
I spend $650/month for a household of 4 and I don't even get everything I want.

I prepare every meal and don't buy premade stuff but I'm finding that to make dinner every night I'm spending about $20 per household meal a day.

It seems most of the budget goes on the fresh vegetables/fruits and meats they seem to have incredibly increased in price.

Normal meal at my house consist of 2 sides (grains,Vegetables) and meat.

How much are you spending and how do you keep the cost down.

I did not include eating out or things that were not food in the above budget.

Now that you live in Florida you should try growing some of your own vegetables. I have grown tomatoes, eggplant, arugula, basil, rosemary and garlic chives and most of them were grown in window boxes or small pots.

The arugula was great because I would snip off what I needed for a salad and it would grow back ( same for the basil and garlic chives). Also it is usually much cheaper to buy fresh fruit and vegetable from farm stands.

I shop the sales and I know how to work with cheaper cuts of meats and often can make several meals from one meat purchase.

For example I will buy a Boston butt or a pork shoulder and simmer it in a pot with onion and garlic for 2 hours and then salt the outside it in the oven at low heat for 45 minutes. Then I shred it for carnitas and make pork tacos or ropa vieja and then use the stock to make sopa de frijole negro.

For the tacos I use corn tortillas and add some cilantro, red onion and some ranch dressing. Yum.

Also when it gets cooler I will buy ham when it is on sale and have some ham dinner and then make linguine carbonara and use the ham on the bone and chop the rest to make split pea soup.

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Another thing I have done is to buy ground beef when it is on sale and make several different meals from it like tacos ( which I extend with beans) and I make my own seasoning and add in tomato paste, beef stroganoff, shepherds pie and maybe some chili.

I also go on my kicks where I do a lot of stir fry and then you extend with rice. Pasta is pretty cheap too. Also I buy most of my meat at the Latin market which is much cheaper than buying at the local grocery store.

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Paolo Diavolo

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i spent $112 today, but the majority of that was spent on
2 six packs of beer
bottle of whiskey
bottle of rum

i probably wont buy groceries for a month.
i will order pizza a bunch of times tho haha.

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300-400 a month for 2 people, though it varies. Usually doesn't get as high as 400.

We try to eat healthy and make everything at home.

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T Brown

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Kelly Anne-Marie wrote:

It varies week to week but I am thinking about just spending $7.00 a week on food at the Dollar tree!!!  smile

$7.00 a weeks, you'd better recalculate your numbers...

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Gasoline Photography

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We spend about 50€ per week, so more or less 200€ per month for 3 people [me, my husband & our daughter).
We buy everything fresh, I cook every day and I plan all the meals ahead according to what's on special, what fits together, what I can use more than once during the week.

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In Balance Photography

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Angela Perez wrote:

Normal meal at my house consist of 2 sides (grains,Vegetables) and meat.


That's the normal meal at my house and with two teenagers we run 800 to 1000 / month. (that also includes lunches and breakfast for everyone too) - and it's definitely the fresh produce and meat that is the majority

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$400-$500-ish per month.  2 adults.

Fish, meat, lots of veggies and fruits.  Not much processed food.  Mostly fresh.

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Mann Made Imagery

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My fiance and I spend about $120 a month on groceries. Mostly fresh.

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Bill Bates

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We spend about $200-300 per month. It drops some in the summer because we eat things out of the garden. We eat mostly fresh and rarely by prepared foods. The wife says she shops on the outside isles at the store. We buy meats in bulk mostly when the price is eight at the local warehouse store. We cut our own steaks, chops and roast. We purchased a FoodSaver a few years ago and a large freezer. They real help you shop sales and buy right.

A few nights ago we really splurged. We had our daughter and her boyfriend over. We served  1 1/2 thick filet mignons, salad out of the garden, zucchini out of the garden, rice and a decent bottle of wine. We had four steaks at $5 a steak, a $15 bottle wine and the cost of a cup of rice (maybe a quarter). We had an amazing meal for about $35. If it just been the wife and I; we would split one steak and I might drink a beer.

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Leo Howard

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over the last 12 months we have averaged $642 per month in groceries, we have 3 Adults and a Dog, when I categorize groceries in the checkbook, it includes everything from food, Cleaning supplies, Dog food & Toiletries, if I had to guess, I would say that 75% of that is actual food, we cook at home a LOT, we shop all the sales and buy a lot from Costco & Sams club, we stock up on sale items like meats etc and we have 2 fridges a large freezer and a smaller chest freezer.

Frances Jewel wrote:
We spend $150 a week for a family of 5, Me, hubs, two teens, and a toddler.

We don't eat garbage, mainly shop the outer circle. I do a lot of prep and freeze/portion for grab and go things for the kids.

We pretty much stick to the "outer circle" we try not to buy too much processed foods, but some things you have no choice really, like Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo ( well mayo is easy to make, but who has time )

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For just me, I average about 40-65 a week.

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Tammie Reinhart

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we spend about $200 a week for 7 people.  With the way my teenagers eat, that really doesn't go very far!

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Makeup Artist


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We spend $100 a week on groceries for a family of 5.

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