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Karl Blessing

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Course you could just invoice them for what the usage would cost, if they have a problem with it, they can sue the party that provided them the image without the proper rights attached.

What would you have charged them for such usage anyways? Is it much cheaper than the cost of them paying their lawyers?

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Wilde One

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Of course it's the rail company who's at fault.

Maybe their execs frequent that bar a little too often and got woozy in their judgement of ownership. Consult a professional photography association in France about the best process in France.

Here in the US, registering the copyright with the library of congress is a necessary step to get better payment of damages.

Contacting the offender yourself should be a pointless effort (the silly reply of the rail company proves that).

Here in the US there are lawyers, specializing in copyright infringement, and working on a contingency basis (which means their pay will come out of the damages the offender pays).

In France, things will likely be different.

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moving pictures wrote:

I am no where close to a lawyer, but I remember reading that English (and American) law is based on British Common Law.  Whilst French law is derived from the Nepolionic Code and quite different.

I meant that copyright law between the US and UK is similar.  Even though we're both in France both the bar and I run UK companies because most our our clients are English.  The rail company has divisions in multiple countries but it was the UK branch that sent out the email, so I think it's safe to say UK copyright law is what would be in play.

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