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J Hanberry

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Galway, Galway, Ireland

Just uploaded a whole bunch of photos and I'm feeling a little lost? Which stays.. which goes it's up to YOU to decide haha! Please tell me which yee think are the best and worst of my portfolio! Thanks so much =]=]

Oct 12 12 05:57 pm Link


Mea Culpa

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Bad quality, bad angle, bad pose. Makes you look shorter and larger than you actually are, and looks like something a model with MUCH less experience would have in her port. Chuck it now!


Perfect port shot and shows off your best features.

Oct 12 12 06:04 pm Link


noel marrero

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Menlo Park, California, US

Worst is a toss up for me:
Because there's nothing there.
Because of the poor capture quality and lack of post work.

My favorite is probably:

Oct 12 12 07:23 pm Link