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Alejandro Cerdena

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I need a new canon 5D eyecup and I'm confused between which one I should get. I see some saying 18mm and 22mm. Which one is appropriate for my camera?

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Shooting on a Budget

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I've lost all mine ages ago, never put a new one on, sorry I'm no help tongue

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Flair Photography

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If I was to venture a guess (and this is 100% a guess) the 18mm would be for any D series body made before the 7D and the 22mm wold be for the newer cameras.  I do know for a fact that my 7D had a bigger eye cup than my 5D and I also know that my Dad's 5D mk3 has the same size eye cup as my 7D so based on that information I would go with the smaller eye cup for an older camera.

Hope that helps.

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-The Dave-

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Michael Bots

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