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Jean Pierre Betancur

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Los Angeles, California, US

Would love to know what you all think of my portfolio , don't hold back ! I just added nudes and some other shots to my port !! Would love some more feedback

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

Cameleon? you're athletic, business man or silicon valley guru ( … 8#30135118)

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Adrienne Andersen

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Tampa, Florida, US

I like your look. Your profile pic is the best in your port and is a great shot. My critique to you would be to work on your face. Your expression is identical in nearly all of your pics. Your poses are also a little boring. You should work on being versatile with both your face and your poses. But poses first, because it's easier to work around a non-expressive face than a body just standing there. Good luck to you. smile

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Seattle, Washington, US

You have some nice images in your port, and you're certainly attractive.
This is my least favorite image, and the only one I would consider removing: … 8#30135118

Best of luck with your modeling.  smile

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Silver Spring, Maryland, US

Jean Pierre Betancur wrote:
Would love to know what you all think of my portfolio , don't hold back !

I think you are one of those models that can go from Clark Kent to Superman if it was needed. However in the same token I do agree with Adrienne Anderson your facial expression needs work. I would get a wall mirror and for about 45mins sit in front of it and make faces! really look at how your face moves and go from there. Also I will say this if you are going to do a Calvin Klein (Underwear shot) know where your lighting is because your biggest asset is your body. You dont want to look like a Clark Kent in underwear no man does, so know your lighting so it doesnt wash out your body and still shows off the product in this case Dolce & Gabbana. Have you ever seen one of their shoots? its all about body! look at ads first get an idea of the style you are modeling and try to bring it into your shoot so that the client will see that you get it!
Examples of D&G … 970c-800wi … bana_2.jpg … 2/2966.jpg

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