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Photos by Tina

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am looking for feedback. I want a to build a strong portfolio with some help from other artists.

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Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Hey. I absolutely a love several of your pics (I even listed one) but the thing that stands out is there's no focus or consistency to the themes.
What I mean is that you have baby pics and then a few shots later some nudes.

Seems a bit odd to me smile

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
In this image the composition is all over the park
Brides maid looks out of focus
Lots of busy background above her head
[Are you trying to photograph the brides maid or the buildings]
Remember to keep your subject out of the center of the photo
Show more of a connection between the subjects
[Simply change your position to photo left so subjects appear closer
An awkward crop of the brides maid
Shoot from a lower angle, less buildings more sky
Don’t cut the dress off at the bottom
Harsh lighting
Very stagnant pose
Make sure the eyes are in focus
Keep only one of this set in your portfolio
Do not center the subjects
Why not put the bride in the truck bed, sitting on the railing and her husband standing next to her on the running board, really make use of your props when possible
[[Joke], but you knew it was coming, does this photo make you out standing in your field?]
Too much sky
Get down and lay in the grass then aim the camera up at the group

Wish you well!

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I did list one of yours - so please do not take this as a blanket statement - you have some lovely images..

A very difficult thing, and a trap, is to make images that the brain expects.

There are some comments on the wedding images above - that are quite valid.  I would add that it looks as if they were generally taken from an eye level camera position. This is where there is a trap.

One of the things I learned early on with Ebay - is that people will view images for a certain amount of time - if the image does not engage the brain - poof - it is off to look at something else.

Eye level camera images are something the brain EXPECTS to see - and makes it much harder to engage people's attention.  It is familiar, expected, safe and easily overlooked.

I watched a line of photographers shooting a model at a meet and greet - and I pointed out to a newbie that they were all blasting away at the same sight line - (eye level)  I had the newb take and using his live view - shoot from about ankle level.  The change in angles made all the difference in the world and the model picked out his, for a "I want a copy" - all the rest of the people were shooting the same image from the same - (expected) visual angles.

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Photos by Tina

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank you so much for the words of wisedom. I appreciate you taking the time to help me grow as a photographer.

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Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

Id love some 'constructive' critism please

Be nice !


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