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Kristin Short

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Springfield, Ohio, US

I've been hard at work revamping my portfolio. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the most recent additions and my port as a whole. In addition: Is my avatar eye catching? Does my port make you want to work with me? etc. Be gentle! wink

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I like your work, keep working with more photographers though and keep getting the best of the best so you can weed out the weaker images.

Would love to see more headshots in your port.

As for your avi, it's cute but not as eye catching as this, IMO: … 9#30328419

Doing great though!

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PhosOxus Photography

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Orlando, Florida, US

The first thing i think of when i look at your port is "clutter". I understand you are trying to show versatility but i honestly think you could get rid of half or your images and really condense it down.  If i were you i would look at all the photos really carefully and be your own worse judge. Does this photo look natural? Does this photo really "add" to my portfolio? When i look through ports of models to work with, ive always seen that Less is More. I look for 1 good head shot and 1 good full body shot just to get a feel of your look. Then I look for how natural your posing is and your emotions. My two cents.

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Hunter GWPB

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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, US

Hi.  Your Avi is eye catching in the composition and use of colors so it may make me want to look closer.  You have more "eye catching" shots.  (I want to paint my house like the photo I listed but the art work really draws the viewer to you.)   One of your better head shots would work as your avi also. 

my attention was dawn to a couple of your shots that I thought were sexy but when I saw them full frame, the expression wasn't something that would keep my interest.   So I am going to echo the second response to your thread.

You are adorable in your images.  You show versatility.  All in all, I think you are on the right track.

Oct 29 12 01:34 pm Link