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Robin Sanks

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Tacoma, Washington, US

i want to know which photos you think take away from my portfolio/are not flattering. thank you

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Seattle, Washington, US

I don't think any of the photos in the first two rows of your port are flattering to you.  The rest are quite good.

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

take out first two rows, i agree

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Ditto the previous comments, the first two rows aren't even close the quality of the others.

Oct 19 12 06:07 pm Link


Cory High Photography

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Lake Mary, Florida, US

The two B&W full length in the first two rows definitely.  Editing around the feet with the cloth was not well done.  The rest in the first two rows are not bad, they are just poorly edited, and therefore I agree, drop the first two rows.

Oct 19 12 06:19 pm Link


Adrienne Andersen

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Tampa, Florida, US

Gonna have to go with the consensus. First two rows are the weakest. The last row, on page two, is my fav. Those IMO are your strongest shots.
I would shoot you based on this shot alone:

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Rochester, New York, US

The bottom 12 are exceptional

Oct 19 12 07:47 pm Link


Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

Top two rows are terrible. The rest of your port is pretty impressive.

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New York, New York, US

get rid of the whole first page keep the last page- 4 pics and shoot more and not so much psychedelic out there stuff- how about a simple pretty photo of you so we can really get an idea of who you are.  Simple meaning no drama posing or make up or clothes

Oct 19 12 11:56 pm Link