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Vashti Starr

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Richton Park, Illinois, US

Hello MMers,

I recently had some complications with a so called "Photographer" and I would like you opinion on if I was in the wrong or was I right and I was being scammed.  I will try to keep it short but keep it straight to the point for the most part. Honest opinions please.

So, I recently communicated with a photographer that does not need to be named for a photo shoot that he said will pay in total about $1500 in cash of two photo shoots of a calendar shoot and print shoot while he gets $2800 from the company.  He told me that in order to qualify I have to go through an interview that can be either held in St. Louis Missouri or downtown Chicago where the shoot will be held.  Now, if I wanted to do the shoot downtown Chicago, I have to pay about $60 through western union in order for him and the company he is with to come down to Chicago. He told me that I will get money back if I do as well as if I decide to just drive down to St. Louis Missouri I will be reimbursed and the interview will take no longer than 5 minutes or so either at his apartment if I am the only one he is interviewing that day or at the company's studio. I was going to do either option until I thought it over and felt that something wasn't right. He told me that many models of various ages from different states drove to where he was and so forth and received their money in cash. Since heard about a lot of scammers telling models to send money through western union, I told him that I have to stay in Chicago for various reasons so if he can do Paypal(which I trust) let me know. He told me that the company don't have Paypal anymore and something along the lines that they don't know how to operate Paypal. To conclude, he got really mad, because he wanted the money and he felt that the company was only going to offer him that type of money once in a lifetime.

So, was this a scam or no? Let me know. :-)

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Mr Cruz

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

It does sound like a scam. Why ask for money? and doen't have or know how to use Peypal these days

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Miss AY

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Bulqizë, Bulqizë, Albania

That's bullshit.

And besides - who the fuck would want to work for a company that can't figure out how to run paypal? That shit is the easiest thing in the world.

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Top Gun Digital

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Sounds like a scam to me.

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Vashti Starr

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Richton Park, Illinois, US

I agree with everyone, I knew I was right. Also, who doesn't know about Paypal and how it works? Wow.

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Portland, Oregon, US

Yes of course it's a scam.  Read this page on scams: … the-basics

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