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I finally posted my favs from recent shoots and my portfolio is in order from newest to oldest. I just spent a lot of time arranging, editing, etc to represent my work with MM'ers in the last 2 months.
I'd appreciate to know your thoughts...

1. What do you think of my new pictures?
2. What I should try next? or what pictures/styles/concepts do I lack?
3. What I am doing right and should keep up with?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Be as blunt as you want because I put a nice question last so I won't have hurt feelings regardless of what you say previously!

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Sandra Vixen

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I think that you actually look better in soft lighting, the new pics where you are NOT in an intense pose actually look better (which is something I find opposite in a lot of models).

But that could just be me. you have so many different looks with different hair styles/colors, that works.

I think this portrays your strongest look:

This one, although I think it is very strong, is probably not your style: … 4f9b_m.jpg (WS)

I think this is the style you should be doing:

Basically classical, romance, safe-stuff. Not that the other stuff was not good, they were great, it just that your classy stuff was even better.

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The Gross Bite

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PLEASE change your avatar. Who want's to work with a green faced model? Besides, you'll be dripping green stuff all over everything.

An avatar is an ad to attract viewers to your portfolio. Is putting green stuff on your face the way you want to be known?

Just my opinion.

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