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And of course others are welcome to join in but I'm really interested in the responses from this subgroup.

There are a couple of interesting active threads in the General industry forum:
Nudity 2.0
Less Clothing = More Reliable?

That actually explore the question of nude modeling intelligently.  Can we expand on that here with your thoughts on some of these questions?

1- Do you see a difference between shooting nude and shooting nudes?  That is, are you OK with being nude on set but not with the world in general seeing your private parts?

2- If your answer to number 1 is yes, to what extent is the personal relationship you have with the photographer/painter important to your comfort being nude on set?  Do you have to know him/her for a long period or is it a matter of how well you "click" together on first meeting?

3- Again if your answer to number 1 is yes, are there any circumstances in which you would allow a nude picture of yourself to be posted such as a fully covered implied nude, an anonymous nude or a body painted nude?  Artistic as opposed to Glamour, etc?  And if yes, any thoughts you'd like to share as to why?

4- And one last question for those who answer yes to number 1, how do you feel about being nude on set?  Most models I've talked to use words like "liberated" or "free" or "fun" to describe the experience.  One who liked to shoot nudes but only for non-publication called it "releasing her inner harlot".  And yes, I've had models say they felt "ashamed" or "dirty" after their first experience.  How do you feel about the experience?

5- And for those who answer no to number 1, would you be willing to share with us your feelings generally on the subject?

This is a tough question and one that we all have to deal with in one way or another.  The more we understand one another, the easier it will be for all of us, IMHO, so feel free to answer any, all or none of these questions.  And please, folks, if you feel compelled to make smarmy or judgmental remarks, please post them in the off-topic threads instead.


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1-I don't see any difference between the two unless the shoots are implied nudes or nude but in poses which hide certain parts of the body. I'd personally only be comfortable with implied/body paint for the time being.

2-Probably more to do with "clicking" as you put it. I'd have to feel comfortable with them as a person or I think I'd just feel downright awkward. Then again, that would apply to clothed shoots just as much.

3-I'd be more than happy to have a body paint nude done. Same with an implied. It's not so much being uncomfortable about my body being on show, it's just more my personal style to do lingerie/implied/paint shots.

4- I would imagine it would be more of a liberated feeling since I usually walk around naked wherever possible - I prefer to not have clothes, they're annoying. But I couldn't say for sure because I've never done a nude yet.

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Paige Morgan

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I personally do not shoot nudes or implieds, because if you don't want everyone you've ever known to see it (which is a given in the age of the internet), you shouldn't shoot it in the first place.

I have no issue with nude models or photography. Get in where you fit in, do what works for you and book as much as you can in whatever styles you feel comfortable with.

A lot of the folks on here who work in that genre are fucking amazingly talented, and produce beautiful art. Plus as most of the other traveling models I've ever met are nude models, they've been awesome travel buddies, and the ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting have all been a blast to hang out with.

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