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Rockey Tucker Mua

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

So I have been trying to figure out the best name for my makup artistry. I have read this forum and have gathered that it is best to go by your given name. There is one problem with that my given name is 18 letters long. Any suggestions I really need help with this. I do have a catchy name for weddings and special events but for editorial work I need help. so here goes my given name is Tonitralaschrondra Tucker. Ive thought of TRTucker. My stylist name is Rocky so possibly Rocky Tucker MUA. What do you think?

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Makeup Artist

Lauren Reynolds Makeup

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London, England, United Kingdom

I would go with what sounds as much like a given name as possible, as long as its memorable enough - i think other names can sound cheesy. Rocky Tucker or Toni Tucker maybe? What do your friends call you?

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Makeup Artist

Rockey Tucker Mua

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Thank you for your response. My friends call me Tee.

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

I hate it when I've got 4 names to remember... Given, Model, Forum, and Social Media. I'm too old and too busy to keep track. Can't tell you how many times I've had that confused face on set because someone refers to a Talent by their *real* name.

If you can keep things consolidated and consistent... THANK YOU.

That's one of the main reasons I go by Lisa Berczel here and on Facebook. While Battledress Paint-n-Body is my company name and Ladypainter is my "handle" - I rarely use them on-line in order to avoid confusion.

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Also with the power of google and what not you want to keep the same name for branding purposes. Whatever you go with try to keep it the same.

Lisa I know the problem - I work on a lot, A LOT of music videos and I never know what is going on because the same person is being called a number of things. I always end up referring to "the talent" and trying to avoid calling them anything like " when you are ready come and sit in my chair so we can get started." It is so confusing.

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S de Varax

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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tee Tucker? sounds good to me

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Tee Tucker sounds great, or Chrondra Tucker if you want to keep more of your given name?

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Makeup Artist

LC Makeup and Styling

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Tee Tucker sounds good to me :-)

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Makeup Artist

Simire MUA

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London, England, United Kingdom

I agree....Tee Tucker has a nice ring to it.

Other possibilities include
Toni Tucker Mua
Toni Tralas Mua
Chrondra Mua
Tralas Tucker Mua
Chrondra Tucker Mua

Endless possibilities with your unique name :-)

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Makeup Artist

Rockey Tucker Mua

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Thank you for your response I am going to choose just one name to go by I sure hope I get this figured out soon

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Garlic Bread

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Sylvania, Ohio, US

Tee Tucker is cute! (i know i'm late to the party but it seriously is cute, and memorable!)

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Makeup Artist

Rockey Tucker Mua

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

thank you Tee Tucker is what I have been going by. For some reason it dosent seem professional to me . I am leaning towards
Tralas Tucker
Roni Tucker
Rocky tucker

Oct 27 12 05:03 pm Link