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SD Makeup Artisty

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Hicksville, New York, US

I'm not sure if I'm late on this, lol but I see that Urban Decay has FINALLY started an actual pro discount program.

I'm pretty happy about this. (:

Anyone who's interested, here's the link:

Oct 24 12 02:13 pm Link

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Simire MUA

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London, England, United Kingdom

Sadly not for artists outside the US :-(

Enjoy it though. 40% discount is always a bonus

Oct 24 12 02:20 pm Link


S de Varax

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Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

we don't even get urban decay. sigh.

Oct 25 12 12:32 am Link

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Darrick Law

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

I had no idea! Thanks for posting!!!!

Oct 25 12 11:57 am Link