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Kristi Prisner

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Houston, Texas, US

Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Loose the black borders
Something strange going on with models left wrist, and right chest area
The procedure used to cut the model out is a bit choppy

Some high quality images like a head shot and full length image would be great to add to your portfolio

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Revenge Photography

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Try to find a better photographer. The editing is terrible, colour balance,lighting  and framing is off in most of the shots. Also your desire to bring an escort to some shoots will be an issue for a lot of photographers.

You have a pretty face and a good figure, find a photographer that can do you justice.

Tough critique I know, as your portfolio currently stands I would shoot with you based on potential I see in spite of the shots currently in your portfolio.

Oct 29 12 06:19 pm Link


Brian K Donnelly

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Laurel, Maryland, US

Hi Kristi,

When shooting silhouettes, be mindful that your outline is the only device you have to say something to the viewer.  When we don't see an outline, we interpret the shape as contiguous.  If you sit on your legs in a silhouette, you eliminate the outline of your legs, and your shape becomes larger than it really is.  When there is no space between your arm and side, you become wider than you really are.  When you look at the camera, you have no face.  If your torso is square to the camera, you have no (well, few) curves.  Pay attention to where the light is hitting you, and make sure you have space in your pose so the outline shows.

Your portfolio represents you to those who might be interested in working with you.  If your portfolio contains high quality images, that reflects well on you.  When a portfolio contains images that are technically deficient, ...   Only put images in your portfolio when they are of impeccable quality.  If you don't have the quality images, go shoot again until you do.  Shoot with a variety of photographers, figure out the level of work quality you want to represent, then post images that meet or exceed that quality.

Similarly, have someone (ideally a photographer) read your profile and edit it.  Proofing our own writing is hard.  Like your images, the quality of your writing reflects directly on you - it's our first impression of you, even before we look through your portfolio.  Be clear and consistent (you answered "No" to shooting nudes, but in your narrative you say you have no problem shooting nudes with a paid arrangement - that's a "Yes").

Hope that's helpful.  Best of luck!


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Fist Full of Ish

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Richland, Washington, US

Your images may not be the best, but they are good enough for now.  Just get with another photographer.

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DEP E510

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Miramar, Florida, US

get some shoots outdoors.

work with a variety of photographers who know how to manage light and capture different emotions.

too much similarity in your shots...

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DVP Photography

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Broomfield, Colorado, US

It's hard to judge you as the quality of the photography in your photos is awful.  Get with some better photographers.

What I can say is that you have virtually the same expression in every photo.  Start to develop a range of expressions to fit different moods.  Practice!

Nov 10 12 12:43 am Link