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Oxnard, California, US

I would say I am semi-new to modeling, and would like to improve the craft. I would like a full portfolio critique.

I edit my own photos/retouch (with Photographer's okay) and have had some say it is horrible, some say it is out of date, some say it's amazing. I find myself in agreement with fairly good editing, but your opinion/qritique is welcome and wanted!

If you critique make sure your really doing so correctly!

I know I have a couple of flaws, and would like to know what to work on.

Check out my portfolio, and comment if you wish!

Thanks! smile

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The Gross Bite

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Back off on the vignetting!

Just my opinion.

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Orca Bay Images

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Yep, back off on the vignetting.

Work with some photographers who know how to use light. Some of your images are totally blown-out. Others are way too underexposed. These images aren't doing you any favors.

Your expressions in most of your images are unflattering. a few are downright dour.

That shot of you on the pool table... poor lighting and your feet are chopped off.

You need to start marking your nude work as M.

If you critique make sure your really doing so correctly!

Worry less about how people give you feedback and worry more -- a lot more -- about working with better photographers and being pickier about the images you use for your portfolio.

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Repeating what's been said. Kill the vignettes.

Your poses somehow feel too posed. Working with other photogs should improve your port.

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To vignette or not to vignette that is not the question
The answerer is not to vignette noticeably, just a subtle amount will do

Think stronger photos and modeling will  go along way to improving your portfolio

Wish you well

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V Laroche

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Maybe think about taking an online class on retouching or something? I can't even see the model, only the retouching. It kills everything.

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Paul Tirado Photography

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I unfortunately have to place myself among the people who think your editing looks bad/dated. There are plenty of resources on the internet that you could use improve your retouching skill.

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Brandi Thompson

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Agreed with the others. You need some clean, quality shots if you want to do anything seriously.

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LA StarShooter

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I looked through your portfolio and saw you had certainly some adventures: bodypaint and posing with a waterfall backdrop.  The waterfall shot should have been a killer moment, but the angle and expression of your face, and the actual pose doesn't sell the image and if you retouched that, then your participation in that disaster is almost complete.

You need to study your angles-what angles you look best from. Although there is a market for nude models, your portfolio doesn't represent you well. I would advise that you get ride of them soon and replace them with something that will attract paying clients, presuming you can tell what photographers will bring out your best looks, etc.

Your retouching skills are woeful at present.  It may be that the photos could not be radically improved but you don't seem to have a good retoucher's gift for balancing colours, for tonality, and I think for the future you should endeavour to find photograhers who can deliver great images to you.

Good luck.

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To tell you the truth, I feel no interest in even opening a thumb nail in your port as all the pics look so flawed from the photography stand point and so heavily retouched from your stand point (trying to save the photographer I guess).  I also don't see a clean pic of your face to see what you really look like and you have no joy in your face in any photo.

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+1 with everything everyone else has said, especially about marking your nudes M.

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Anyone else?

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