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I would like to get opinions about the new photo shoot on my profile. What do you think?

I strive for natural looking pictures. I don't photoshop.

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The Gross Bite

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Well, the images are in your portfolio, not your profile...

but I can't tell which are the new ones without clicking on 'view' and looking at the posted dates... Sorry, that ain't gonna happen.

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You don't photoshop?  Not sure why you think photoshop use has anything to do with natural looking images, it's like saying I don't use a darkroom.

Link to the actual images or rearrange please...

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DEP E510

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face blown out by the sun, dull expression, boring pose.

your standard of work is usually much higher...

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Alan Bailward

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Hey PhotoVRG, slightly old post but hopefully you're still looking.

Honestly the new set of images don't do it for me.  They are (to me) just a bunch of shots of a girl in the woods.  They don't look posed well or lit (lots of blown out highlights) which says to me the photographer isn't in control of the light.

The selection of shots also seems to indicate that you're a new photographer, or at least having 13 images from the same shoot of the same girl isn't what I think a portfolio should be.  A portfolio is a place to highlight your work and what you can do, with a variety of different images, models, environments, etc.  Flickr is where you expect to see a dump of all the images off a card, not a photographers portfoilo.  Especially the early images (her nude, kneeling) the two images are almost the same pose, and not so similarly good that one wouldn't be able to choose just one.

Sorry to sound like an ass, just my opinion.  If you don't have enough work under your belt to create a varied portfolio that's a valid thing, but even in this case I'd rather see two *amazing* shots in a portfolio than 13 so-so ones almost the same with a 2 great ones in there.  Only show your best work.

A minor side note, your profile says "give me a call" but there isn't, as far as I can see, an actual phone number should someone want to literally call you smile

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DVP Photography

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Somewhere along the way you have been badly misinformed.  Many of your photos don't look natural.  And boasting about not using photoshop means you are ignorant of how to create a good natural image.  Photoshop is simply the electronic equivalent of the film darkroom.  All the great photographers of film days used a darkroom, and did significant work there to create great and natural images.  Photoshop is the computer equivalent, it's that simple.  Your control of light, and exposure, is a long way from being able to produce a good image solely in the camera.  Most real pros who do still find things to do in the computer to produce a final great image.  So drop your misconceptions and start working at all the skills needed to create great images.

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