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Eleanor Rose

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toesup wrote:
I prefer #1..
Love the colors and your figure in with all the natural features..

Not keen on #2 and #3..
#2 your thigh looks distorted where you are against the rock..
#3 the pose looks 'stiff' and un natural

This. smile

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Noodz by TC

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The first one is very eye catching, great for your port

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Image Magik

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Merry Jane wrote:
Got some more images back from working with Billy Monday #7980. I was wondering if I should add any. I already have a couple, but I am actually quite fond of these as well.

Let me know what you think, I will give your port a glance and comment on my favorite image. 18+ 18+ 18+

I would stay with number 1. Number 2 and 3 do not have you modeling in a good position to accentuate your curves the best.
Nice port. I friended you:-)

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Howick Image Studio

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Merry Jane wrote:
Thank you all for the feedback. I really appreciate your time, and the thought you put into your replies. I chose to put the first image into my portfolio.

Some have replied that the image is not beneficial for me because it does not show me off as a model. I am an art model, so this does not concern me. I am in it for the art, and occasionally make good money posing nude. I won't be successful in any other genre due to my stats and look. Bill and I collaborated and made artwork that I am very, very happy with, not just meaningless images that "show me off" as a model. It is in no way his fault for not making me the "main subject", or "showing me of", this was a mutual agreement to create wonderful artwork.

Sometimes MM really confuses and disappoints me. Isn't a model there to help complete the image, bring it together, and make it work? I don't see why I shouldn't use an image that would be beneficial to a photographers portfolio as well? Wouldn't that show that I work and take direction well, and can mold into what the photographer has in mind?

Sorry for the rant, but I felt the need to get this out of the way and feel better for getting it out.

Don't be sorry - you speak the truth - a rare perspective from one so young.  Art is about the overall result - not its individual components.  Your attitude is

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"Sometimes MM really confuses and disappoints me. Isn't a llama there to help complete the image, bring it together, and make it work? I don't see why I shouldn't use an image that would be beneficial to a photographers portfolio as well?"

If you are listing yourself as a llama it would be nice to see that it is actually you in the photo, or even if it is in fact a human being and not a mannequin in the photo and that's why some would say a photo is not effective for the llama to use.

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Innovative Imagery

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I think the OP is correct.  It demonstrates her willingness to subject herself to this type of shoot and pull it off.  The water could have been cold, the mud squishy, etc.

The fact that she could be depended on is a good thing to show.  As far as the images, I do not think the 2nd and 3rd images flatter her.  So the first one is the one to add of the three.

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Drew Smith Photography

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I love 1 and 2. By comparison the 3rd is not as good.

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I think strictly the first - it shows off your best features and also shows that you've worked with a talented photographer who captured the flow of the water with equal acumen.

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#1 and or #2

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John Malloch Caldwell

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Number 1

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