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Melissa F Millard

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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I'd appriciate yor feedback on the pictures of me in my portfolio with blonde hair [there all new pictures from a vampire shoot] and if you'd like to comment what you think on them and also any other photo's that catch you eye in my portfolio


Nov 04 12 03:49 pm Link



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
You just made me do a double take, had to check if this was a models portfolio
The photos look as if they are of two different people
Not crazy with the red in the eye, makes me think of red eye from a bad photo, but understand it is part of the look you were going for

In many of your images the eyes are not as sharp as they could be, some also seem over exposed

Would love to see a good clear clean headshot

Wish you well!

Nov 04 12 09:04 pm Link


DEP E510

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Miramar, Florida, US

I think you should tfp with some photographers in your locale who are good at managing light, and have access to good mua's/ hairstylists.

Nov 09 12 01:53 pm Link