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Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

I haven't updated my portfolio in ages. I just got rid of some old images and added new ones (first 6). What do think of the new ones, and how the overall port is coming along?

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Affinity Finch

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Great job so far, 1 and 4 I adore! In fact I have listed the 4th! I really like the set I don't go so much on the 2nd and 3rd but they are still good imaegs. Great job overall smile Keep shoooting smile x

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Ditto above, all are nice, but 1 & 4 are the strongest.

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Looks awesome.
  Just little things may help, try one model,one background and one look per image for stronger port. Watch the models hands to make sure they are the way you want them. Try not to crop at the elbow, halfway to the shoulder is a better look. Personally, like to see you with/buy/make a bigger catch light,,, looks a little small for every shot, sometimes you want small and sometimes bigger, depending on what you want to do. Ya looks awesome,, look forward to seeing more.

I looked at your website.
You have the work/images to make a very strong port here or anywhere... I am sure it would benefit you and others to see your best work... Personally and professionally your strongest work is not here and it is very GORGEOUS work....

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Orca Bay Images

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2, 3 & 4 knock me on my ass. Really inspirational material.

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Jane Smithly

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They are all gorgeous but #3 is amazing and mesmerizing

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OMG!!! They're all GORGEOUS! But I concur, 2, 3, & 4 are fantastic.

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In Balance Photography

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#5 - good.
#6 really calls out to me as well.

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The new ones all seem strong in comparison with the rest of your portfolio, but in terms of offering something new, this one:

really shines as emphasizing the fashion, near formal look while still capturing the essence of the model.  The black and whites in general, with their crisp detail and near infared vibrance, also caught my eye.

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Except for some over done vignetting on the 4th image very well done

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Love the new ones, great work. smile

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