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Oh go on then, I'm new and could do with a boot up the arse.

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me please? =]

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Francisco Castro

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Sendu wrote:
Post and I'll select a representative photo of yours and point out at least one good thing and one bad thing about it. (don't post if the majority of your portfolio is nudes)

If you find my reply useful, feel free to help me out as well.

All your photos are great, individually. Every single one of them stands as a quality image.

However, if pressed, the only critique I can say is that technically, the photos are repetitive. The lighting, framing, and overall visuals are mostly the same.

With your obvious technical skill, exploring other styles should be a no brainer and will only enhance your already strong port.

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Do me? wink

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I'm always open for thoughtful criticism. It is one of the main ways I learn....

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I'd like to know.

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please have a go

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ok, let me know.

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Long time no see!..and if you go this far in the thread, please spare a word.

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I'd like to know smile

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Please tell me.

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would like to know smile

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Count me in... Thanks

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*braces self* Yes please I really need some input

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Go ahead!

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