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Lovely Wednesday

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Austin, Texas, US

I'm getting to the point where I've done enough shoots that putting in my few favorites from each shoot is actually too many. So, to improve my portfolio, I would like to know what should go and why.

I know people say not to have more than one photo from a set--in cases where I do, which should go and which should stay?

In turn, which photos are my strongest, and should I definitely hold on to, and why?

Thank you very much for your help and your honest critique.

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

What to throw?

I'd get rid of this … 28cdb8.jpg

Nice boots... some photographers might like to shoot them... but where are you?

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DEP E510

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Miramar, Florida, US

these are some that do you no favors...

your skin does not flatter you in these photos...

make up artists and photoshop are not over-rated...

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Alan Bailward

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Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

I'll add these:

Body position and facial expression yelled to me "scared model, deer in headlights".  Also I'm not sure what's up with the knife shots, but none of them do anything for me,  they all feel very GWC shots.

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Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US
Terribly unflattering. I agree with the person who suggested MUA and Photoshop. Steer well clear of any photographer who would deliver you a shot like this. I mean, WTF?
No. Just NO.

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Lovely Wednesday

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Austin, Texas, US

@The Effective Image, point taken, thank you, photo removed.

@DEP E510, Thank you, point taken, photos removed.

@Alan Bailward, Due to having received a lot of positive response to one of those, I've kept (I think the first) one, but point taken on the rest, so thank you for your critique.

@Orca Bay Images, Again, point taken on the first one. Thanks for pointing out the Queen of Hearts photos. I was so attached to the concept I can't say it occurred to me that they were actually pretty awful. In the last chunk of pictures you mentioned, I also removed the second just because it doesn't so much show me off, and can see that in the fourth and sixth ones as well, but what was it that turned you off from the third and fifth shots?

Thanks everyone for your help!

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