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So I've been modeling for a while now...had a break of a year but altogether about 4 years.

What does my portfolio really lack? Any monotony, and if so, is that a good thing? Poses? Too many nudes, not enough? Facial expression? People say I pose very natural, is this true? I hope so smile.
What am I lacking?

Although not a career, it is my second job...I'm freelance.

I would like serious critique please...perhaps about the photographers I work with (though I consider great); if you think I'm choosing well.

I will critique you the same in return

Any input would be great.

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Chris Maxwell

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Here are my thoughts/comments.

You avatar does not draw me into your port.  If I am looking at several avatars at once, I would find yours to be drab and it would not interest me. You need an avatar that is much more interesting.

Of the pics you currently have in your port, this one is probably the one I would choose..

I would drop the following three

These two are not as strong as your others.  They look like average snapshots.  These rest of your work is much more interesting.

I like this one but it is very different from anything else and doesn't flow so I would also remove it.

My $.02.

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thanks, but i'm also looking for feedback on what to add or better, than just have this be a "what to get rid of" thread. Anyone else? (also more work on my flickr)

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