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Danial Gowans

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

*yes i want a serious critique but be fair as well

Hey Guys smile

I have been banging around the traps for a few years now (didn’t pick up a camera till 5 years ago) and i am at a critical point in my career (i am a fulltime shooter and pretty successful in Australia - though i don’t take that for granted, success doesnt mean a happy artist), i feel, where i need to take the next 'step' up. My question is twofold.....Any others out there who have felt the same as me and what did you do to either mix it up or break free and start loving your work again? I am a perfectionist and pretty much hate everything i do (bar a handful of images) and I would love fellow forum member’s thoughts and critique on my ‘port’ as well as lighting etc etc smile

Suggestions for 'skin work' 'lighting' etc always welcome....

My influences are Gavin O’Neill and Josh Ryan (it doesnt show in my work i guess which is the piont of my post) among a small handful of others.


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You have some great looking llamas

If you show me most of the llamas legs that include the knees in photo it would feel more finished to include the feet, as in your current avatar, and a few other images in portfolio

Many images seem to have abnormally high specular highlights, example Rosanna Gold Coast

Wish you well

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Neil Snape

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

I can agree with having Gavin as a reference.

Now, without enlarging any I looked globally at thumbnails:

You're trying too hard. Look at Gavin's shots. Thumbnails too, makes no difference. Gavin let's the models be beautiful. You are constantly capturing very force poses. They look like poses, and none look like the model is much other than a perfect object.

Perfect objects however you master every time.

Don't mix beauty in until you get a handle on what is current in MU trends. For MM it;'s fine, but few know anything outside in the real world of beauty photography. Since you said Gavin, then there is someone who knows.

I do think technically you can do anything. You also work with glamour and bikini models well.

Yet you have to rethink directing models or you'll be stuck until something breaks.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

That is more of an impression that critique, but serious said. I think the portfiolio is too one-sided. Beach/glamour images in one desaturated/softglowed look, with a lot of bodyshine. Maybe it is the current fashion/swimwear/beach look, but does not make a diversified portfolio.  I am not the person to comment on composition, but agree with the sentiment of some poses being standard but rigidly held poses; Maybe the self-admitted perfectionism is what you feel "holds you back". (I'd be very glad to be self-held where you are, though;). Try to go Diesel for a while wink. I think it is easier to go have some fun from your perspective than for someone to climb to the level of what you shoot.

Just a few words...

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Danial Gowans

Posts: 24

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Thanks guys all wise words and all taken on board smile

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255 West

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I'd like to see more interesting environments than shots focussing so tightly on the model. You have a couple of those, but I'd like to see more. (The photo on your profile page is fantastic. It could use a bit more contrast for my taste.)

Hey stay in Australia buddy boy, if you know what's good for you! wink

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