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megan rose

Posts: 23

Montgomery, Alabama, US

hi viewers, and members!

i would like to enter some contests
but don't know where to start.
please help, or feel free to
enter me in any contests you see fit.

i am obviously new to mm,
i have done 1 professional
shoot, and it went as great
as i could've imagined.
iv'e posted those images,
and would like some
direction, critiques, or
whatever you might feel
would help get me a little

also, some networking advise
would greatly be appreciated.

thanks! big_smile

Nov 09 12 09:14 am Link


Alan Pedroso

Posts: 10155

Miami, Florida, US

The rules are posted at the top of each contest thread , read them carefully as each contest has somewhat different rules . Hope to see ya there .

Nov 09 12 09:46 am Link