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A few sphots are still open for our shoot on Sunday 11/11 at Wonderland Studios LIMITED to ONLY 9 Photographers.

Lunch and Snacks served

Sign up and see images from our past events now at … sociation/

Wonderland GOTHIC - Boutique Shoot - Limited to 9 Photographers

Welcome to our first Mini Shoot where we will concentrate on the Amazing DARK AND GOTHIC Stylings from the Corset Designers Cheri and Joany of Wonderland Studios.

Concept Photos

Our boutique shoots will feature four fully Costumed Models (two who have not previously shot with the group)

We will have a minimum of four fully lit sets pocket wizard ready (We have extras if you don't have one)

And we will shoot in three teams of three photographers along with myself shooting through out the day.

This will give each Photographer a minimum of 16 different looks from the day and we will adjust lighting and sets / props through out the day to add to that number.

We will have Muffins in the Morning and will Serve Sandwiches and Chips for Lunch.

No matter what your comfort level or experience we will always be there to offer a hand and help improve your skills and enjoyment of the Amazing world of Photography should you want it.

This is a Trade For Print Event, All photographers are required to exchange their edited images with the models for promotional use. You will receive a Hand Signed Promotional Release from each model after providing your images to us thru

MODELS, MUA AND HAIR STYLIST PLEASE CONTACT ME AT [email protected] to be invited to this event. DO NOT SIGN UP HERE! This Sign up area is for Photographers ONLY! Confirmed Models will be added to the description here.

Models Confirmed.

Dianne Kwon MM# 1392717

Kelsey Akemi Hogan MM# 2393945

Gabby Champion MM# 2668304

Jocelyn Christine - Not on MM (new to our group)

Morning session Models

Alexander Svensson MM#2703810

Sign up and see images from our past events now at … sociation/

If you have any questions call me at 310-433-2502 Fred Blood III

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